In this ever-evolving digital age, now more than ever, it is paramount that you have the best possible security for your Australian business. With big data being the next gold rush, business owners must protect their information like a dragon hoarding its treasure; fierce and untrusting – which is where zero trust security comes in. […]

Australia has been subject to some terrible natural disasters over the last few years, wreaking havoc on people’s homes and businesses alike. While there is only so much you can do to protect your physical assets in such an event, there is much you can do to safeguard your company’s intellectual property. Yes, bush fires […]

With all the different jargon out there, it can be difficult to keep the various terms straight in your head. To further complicate matters, the terms are used interchangeably when in fact they usually do mean separate and distinctly different things. We all know how important it is today to ensure our data is protected, […]

There has been much debate as to which is better for a business: Office 365 or Hosted Exchange. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the key differences so that you can make an informed decision for yourself and your business. Of course, every business is different, so before you can decide you […]

It’s no secret that IT is a crucial aspect of running a small business. So much so that many small businesses look to hiring ongoing technical IT support in order to keep their business functioning properly and safe from outside interference. Of course, when exploring the world of IT support, one thing is clear: securing […]

“New year, new you!” Sure, it’s a little bit cheesy, but there’s a positive and optimistic sentiment there; the idea that a new year brings a fresh start… But, let’s be honest here; very rarely do we follow through with the resolutions that we set for ourselves. And since we’re being honest, after the last […]

Let’s be honest, as helpful as our devices are there are few things in life as frustrating as a computer that won’t cooperate. But fear not, you’re in good hands. We’re kicking off this article with some simple troubleshooting tips that are quick and easy. Following that, we’ll take you through five of the most […]

Over the years our lives have increasingly mingled with technology, however the pandemic has taken it to a new level. With remote working the norm and the increased reliance on Zoom or Teams meetings, has enabled us to stay connected and working, it has increased the risk of each of us being more vulnerable to […]

With more than 50% of the country already having access to the NBN™, it is now time to connect your business to it. But how do you go about connecting to the National Broadband Network? And what things should you consider before making the commitment? In this article, we will cover everything you need to […]

shark depicting challenges small to medium businesses face with Cyber Security

Welcome to the Computer trouble-shooters blog on cyber security for businesses. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a small business, is assuming that you aren’t large enough to be a target for malicious cyber-attacks. In fact, often, cyber-criminals target smaller businesses because they tend not to bother with putting the security […]

We always knew that this day would come; when technology would become what is arguably the most integral aspect of a business’s ultimate success. With so many new forms of managed IT support such as gathering and analysing your customers’ data and information, multiple efficient systems for tracking sales and inventory, and handy mobile devices […]

Why backup office 365?

Have you ever lost an important document before? Perhaps it was the start of your dissertation at university; your computer packed up on you, or you simply pressed the wrong key end ended up deleting everything…whatever the case, you will know all too well the horrifying sense of dread that washes over you in that […]

the silent assassin

A keystroke logger is a devious, unobtrusive spy lurking on your electronic devise, it works quietly and invisibly in the background recording every key struck on a keyboard to gain access to passwords and confidential information. They arrive just like any other malware, come in a multitude of variants and can be difficult to discover. You […]

Passwords are like underwear – change them often, the longer, the better and keep them private. Every business, no matter how big or small and every individual internet user has encountered the dreaded password dilemma. I know if I was allowed, I‘d have the same password for everything, but I also understand that wouldn’t be […]

2021 is the year where the smart choice for Australian SME’s is to protect against the growth of criminal activity by implementing an outsourced Security Service. Small to medium businesses do not have the technical resources and knowledge to stay abreast of the evolving security challenges. Ransomware, Phishing attacks are growing as one of the […]

Even before the coronavirus outbreak began, telecommuting has been on the rise. There’s been a 159% increase in remote work since 2005. While studies suggest that this trend is beneficial to both employees and employers, it does come with some challenges in terms of online security. Although it’s easier than ever to bring work into the comfort of home, there are […]

Data is the lifeblood of business, and no matter the size of your business, there is a need to be vigilant about protecting data, as the cyber criminals are looking to get their hands on it. The loss of sensitive information is very costly to recover and is damaging to a business’s reputation. Imagine if […]

Residential Support – that delivers. Did you know that 600,000 hard disks crash every year in Australia? In addition to that, nearly a third of all Australian adults are affected by cybercrime, losing precious money to new viruses and security threats that emerge every day. Everyone relies on technology to live their daily lives, and […]

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his government are so concerned about the rise in the volume of Cyber-attacks that a specific press conference was held on Friday June 20th declaring Australia under attack. This is warning Australian businesses to be proactive in defending themselves against a potential attack. The Australian Cyber Security Centre ( (ACSC) […]

What is the impact for Business? Data is more valuable than oil, as data is the lifeblood of any business. Data by itself like oil, needs to be refined before it is transformed into a valuable commodity. Data is collected everyday as part of normal business activities, assisting businesses to make important business decisions such […]

Speeding up Your Laptops and Desktops Do you find that you frequently run into problems with your IT equipment that prevent your employees from getting on with work? Are your laptops and desktops running so slowly that people need to spend hours completing tasks that should take minutes? Low workplace productivity harms your bottom line. […]

COVID-19 has changed the way we work now and into the future, the Remote worker is here to stay. What does this mean for businesses from a technology viewpoint?

As the nbn is rolled out many people are asking do I need to do anything? Do I need to switch to the nbn? Will I need to update my phone system etc. The fact is that as the rollout reaches your area every business needs to be ready to switch to the nbn.

How to Bolster Your Cyber Security: Here are some of the most effective ways to prevent your company from being hacked.

Small to Medium- Businesses All businesses in Australia depend on their IT systems to remain functional and therefore face some key IT challenges in a changing environment. Not all businesses are large enough to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on the most sophisticated equipment and solutions. As a result, many small to medium-sized businesses […]

For businesses in Australia, Office 365 is beneficial for countless reasons. It improves data security, collaboration, productivity and more.

From the 14th January 2020, Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 will be ending. This means that, from this date onwards Microsoft will no longer be issuing security updates, patches or providing technical support for devices that are running Windows 7. This end of life support also applies to servers with Windows Server 2008/R2, Exchange Server […]

Cloud adoption by Australian businesses is on the rise, despite this nearly over 50% of small businesses are yet to embrace cloud computing.  Why? Is it because company owners are unaware of the benefits? Or, is it because people don’t fully understand what cloud services are? Companies stand to gain by switching to the cloud. […]

The nbn™ Broadband Access Network Switch for Business Simply put is your business ready to connect to the nbn™ access network? The network is rolling out across Australia and it is important for a business to be prepared for the transition so that the risk of disruption is minimised by the disconnection of your existing […]

Business today relies on technology more than ever. As a result, there is more and more potential for frustration for everyone in the business, when something is not working or goes down. When a computer issue causes a disruption to an employee’s ability to perform daily tasks, not only is productivity impacted but also employee […]

Avoid hotspots when you are unsure if they are legitimate or not. Remember, one tactic commonly used by hackers is to create fake Wi-Fi hotspots. If you join such a fake hotspot then the hacker can gain access to your personal information and they can possibly access your files through file sharing. Ensure once connected, […]

Welcome to 2019 = Scam Watch.  Scams continue to grow rapidly, and they continue to evolve to elaborate making it more and more difficult for people to recognize and avoid. The Australian government through continues to report that Scams are costing the broader community significant amounts of money. Not only consumers but business as well with Small […]