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Backup & Data Recovery Services

IT systems now form the core of most businesses – your communication, customer data, and financial records – your business value is directly connected to your IT systems, their management & how they integrate. Risks from catastrophic disasters such as flood, fire, theft, malicious staff, or data corruption need to be managed or you may never recover.

Businesses without full time IT resources are the most vulnerable to catastrophic data loss (almost 50% do not survive!)..

Computer Troubleshooters Burwood does not want you to become a statistic due to data loss. Every business and home needs to be prepared when it comes to data protection by having an adequate and tested data backup service and recovery solution in place.

However, should a disaster take place as a locally based business in Burwood, we can make an appointment to inspect your hardware (computer, laptop, tablet or phone) and determine the best course of action for remediation and data recovery.

Ideally we are able to provide our clients a variety of data backup services that are customized to fit their specific needs to prevent disaster happening. We begin by reviewing your current solutions and the amount and type of data you have. We then work with you to establish your critical needs and, finally, we review all of the information we have gathered to present our recommendation on the best solution to fit your needs and budget. We will also take your future goals into consideration so we can provide a solution that will be flexible enough to fit your long term needs.

We offer a variety of data protection solutions based on the businesses risk profile and budget, including:

  • Onsite scheduled backup.
  • Real time recover backup.
  • Server based backup.
  • Online cloud backup.
  • Onsite virtual server backup.
  • Fully managed backup with data duplication.

Should a disaster occur such as a hard drive fail or your systems become corrupted we can provide:

  • Data and system restoration
  • File recovery from deletion or corruption
  • Physical damage data recovery
  • Forensic data analysis

Let Computer Troubleshooters Burwood ensure all of your business and personal information is safe and secure, should a hard drive failure or natural disaster put it in jeopardy. Don’t delay!

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