Microsoft 365

Zero trust security, what is this concept, and how does it work, and how does it apply to my Australian business?

In this ever-evolving digital age, now more than ever, it is paramount that you have the best possible security for…

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Safeguard Your Australian Business From Natural Disasters|Data Protection and Recovery

Australia has been subject to some terrible natural disasters over the last few years, wreaking havoc on people’s homes and…

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Data protection vs data security vs data privacy – what is the difference?

With all the different jargon out there, it can be difficult to keep the various terms straight in your head….

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Office 365 vs Hosted Exchange which is better for you and your business

There has been much debate as to which is better for a business: Office 365 or Hosted Exchange. In this…

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Why Migrate to Office 365

For businesses in Australia, Office 365 is beneficial for countless reasons. It improves data security, collaboration, productivity and more.

The Cloud Explained: Why Migrate?

Cloud adoption by Australian businesses is on the rise, despite this nearly over 50% of small businesses are yet to…

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