Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

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CT Business Solutions for Data Backup and Recovery

Data is the lifeblood of business. A CT business solutions data solution is about protection of this asset and being able to recover and become operational in the quickest possible time while minimizing the cost to business.

Ask yourself – Do you know:

How long it would take to recover your data and become operational if you had a data loss incident?

Can you replace your data records if your data was corrupted or stolen?

How long it would take to restore your data if it is accidently deleted?

What are the costs to your business if you had a data incident?

Do you have a solid data backup solution in place?

Just one NO answer to any of the above questions means you need a CT Business Data Backup Solution

There are many options available for data backup, but a CT Business data backup and recovery solution offers a range of solutions from industry leading partners, and are flexible to be customised to suit your specific requirements.

Every solution from Computer Troubleshooters is designed around the strategy of 3-2-1 that is 3 copies of your data, 2 sets of data stored on different media and the 3rd copy stored in the cloud.

A CT Backup and recovery solution considers the following:

  • Frequency
  • Type of backup and what data needs to be backed up (Office 365 email, files, system)
  • Where and How Local Backup/Remote/Cloud backup
  • Backup Monitoring to check that the backup has been executed
  • Data recovery
Data Loss not Data Breach: What is the difference?

A data loss can be caused by the following: Hardware failure or System Glitch, Human error, Software Corruption, Computer Viruses and Scams, or a Natural disaster.

A data breach causes data loss and is associated with your systems being compromised on purpose. Where a business becomes aware of a data breach and certain conditions are met then by law the breach needs to be reported.

Hardware: – Hard disk failure is the most common cause of data loss. Our partner Ontrack conducted research in Australia that shows that 56% of all data loss is related to HDD crashes. Human error accounts for 26% – accidentally deleting files or perhaps physical damage to storage devices.

As a business in Australia your obligations for a data breach is covered by the Office of the Australian Information Privacy Commissioner.  A data breach is a data loss.  In the six months ending December 2019, 64% of all data breaches were the result of malicious or criminal activity. This means your data backup strategy must be considered with your cyber security strategy.

Of course, you may have read the above information too late –

 We do Data Recovery for business users from servers, computers, phones, USB’s, memory sticks, and external hard drives.

Our ability to recovery data is largely dependent on the cause of Data Loss.

Hard Drive crashes -recovery will depend on the nature of the damage, if physically damaged it may need to be sent to our data recovery partner recover lab.
Human Error – generally, data deleted accidentally or overwritten can be retrieved using our recovery software.
Software Corruption – data can generally be retrieved if the corruption is small in nature, however it may need to be sent to our data recovery partner recover lab.
Computer Virus –  if the virus can be isolated and eliminated, we can generally get data back, it is however system dependent.
Natural Disasters – generally these involved water damaged hardware and need to be sent to our data recovery partner recover lab.

If your data loss involves an insurance claim, we can help with a quote and letter of authority for your insurance company.

Depending on the extent of damage initially we will assess and conduct an initial non labs data recover service which we find more cost effective.  If our attempts fail, then we will refer your work to our specialist data recovery partner Ontrack.