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Protect your precious Memories!

Statistics do not lie, they tell us how close you have come to needing your local Computer Troubleshooters data backup and recovery services?  Did you know that according to research completed by Computer Troubleshooters data recovery partner Ontrack, that 600,000 hard disks crash every year in Australia?

That is a very good reason to have a solid data backup solution in place for your home data. For a small monthly fee, why would you not be proactive in protecting against the loss of all those valuable memories and experiences?

  • How close have you come to spilling liquid around your computer?
  • What happened the last time there was a power surge during a storm?
  • When was the last time you thought about a potential Ransomware attack or you thought you had a computer virus?
  • How many times has your computer been making funny noises?

These questions really make you think about what happens to your data if just one of these situations occurs. The only way to ensure that you will not lose everything to one of the many potential disasters, is to make sure you have a reliable and tested home data backup solution in place – including monitoring to ensure your backup has taken place as scheduled.

Let Computer Troubleshooters provide a solid & affordable data backup solution for your needs!

Have you read the above too late and you need data recovery?

Computer Troubleshooters locations provide Data Recovery for Residential environments from computers, phones, USB’s, memory sticks, and free-standing hard drives.

The cause of the data loss determines our capacity to recover it.

Hard Drive crashes -Recovery depends on the nature of the damage, if physically damaged it may need to be sent to our data recovery partner recovery lab.
Human Error – Generally, data deleted accidentally or overwritten can be retrieved using recovery software.
Software Corruption – Data can be generally be retrieved if the corruption is small in nature, however it may need to be sent to our data recovery partner recovery lab.

Computer Virus –  If the virus can be isolated and eliminated, we can generally get data back, however it is system dependent.
Natural Disasters –Generally, these involve water damaged hardware and need to be sent to our data recovery partner recovery lab.

Insurance Claims – If your data loss involves an insurance claim your local Computer Troubleshooter can provided a quote and letter of authority for your insurance company.

As we provide initial, non labs data recovery services you will generally find that our services are more cost effective than a specialist data recovery company. If we find a data recovery tech lab is required, then we will utilise our data recovery partner – Ontrack.

Call 1300 28 28 78  for advice with your data recovery.