Residential Managed IT Solutions

Residential Managed IT Solutions

The Connected Home

Managed IT Services

Did you know that according to the Telsyte Australian IoT@Home Market Study 2019, the average household has approximately 18 smart devices and that within a few years this will grow to beyond 25 devices? All connecting wirelessly to a network with the capacity to transmit data.

What is connected to the home network?

Computers, laptops, phones, Smart TVs, Home security solutions, lights, air conditioners, fridges, smart speakers, Google Home or Alexia are just some of the things connected. All dependent on the Internet and your Wi-Fi network.

As a society, we are dependent on our technology infrastructure more than ever and every home needs the infrastructure and data collected to be protected against compromise, and to have consistent and reliable performance.

The Computer Troubleshooters Protection Plan Solution

Our plans are designed to support individuals or small offices with an ongoing IT services prevention plan for a monthly fee. Just because you are working from home does not mean you don’t need support & protection on an ongoing basis.

Micro Businesses, SOHO, individuals & home networks with a high dependency on their IT, use our Protection Plans as an affordable and convenient way to manage their IT needs.

Get Big Business Protection at an affordable Price

The Protection Plans provide an ongoing level of assurance & support that your IT devices, network, and data are being protected and managed.

The advantage of utilizing this managed service is receiving one bill for all of your technology services. Your local Computer Troubleshooter will work with you to put together a comprehensive plan that covers all of your specific needs.

Services that can be included in the Total Protection Plans include:

Backup: We customise an ongoing backup plan for you that may include offsite backup so you will not have to worry about all of your data being retrievable if your device is stolen or broken. Our experts will make sure they are backed up regularly and affordably!

Cloud: We can provide administrative services for Microsoft 365 or Hosted Exchange Email that means you can have business grade service all the way from software to support for multiple devices, whether it is your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Monitoring: We constantly monitor your devices and networks and receive alerts when something is amiss, and we investigate before any serious implications occur. We can avoid hardware failure and the associated cost of disruption.

Security: We can ensure all your devices are protected from internet threats, monitored, and updated regularly.

Remote Support: We can remote directly to your machine from our office to help with issues and resolve problems without having to drive to your site, saving time & money.

Device Maintenance: We use automated software and procedures to monitor, clean and maintain your machines, just like having a regular tune up . Having this maintenance done regularly can extend the life of your device dramatically, helping you to get more out of your technology investment.

Technology Advisor: We can help with your technology decisions and provide advice before you make decisions that you might regret.

If you feel you could do with some Proactive IT Support with the protection that an ongoing relationship has to offer – Let’s talk.